Hello, I’m Jay Abad of Tide and Timber. 

 I create beautiful wood & resin jewelry, accessories, home decor and furniture. I personally design, create, build and finish all of my items in my home studio and workshop in Calgary, AB. All my products are made from salvaged, recycled or reclaimed wood and I use eco-friendly resin. 

 I am a life-long learner, am completely self-taught, enjoy working with my hands every day and love to experiment. I love meeting new people and enjoy sharing and explaining my passion to others. I’m inspired by artists from many genres of art, as well as the natural beauty of the world that surrounds us. I take inspiration especially from the mountain landscapes close by and also from underwater scenery from our 2 coastal shorelines. I strive to create pieces that are memorable and one of a kind, from materials that are repurposed and saved from being disposed of in our landfills. 

 When I'm not in the workshop you'll find me spending quality time with my wife and 3 boys. For fun, I enjoy everything outdoors like hiking, all sports and sightseeing, but I'd have to say, cycling is my favourite go-to activity.

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